About Us


Conscious Living, Simplified.


We do not believe in "miracle materials," or cutting corners for the sake of production time. Trust that Sunroot's products consist of 100% ethically and sustainably sourced fibers, entirely handpicked by us.

Our products are handcrafted with love and attention to detail, always with purpose and intention. Some products are handmade by us, others we curate with the help of local artisans. 

As proponents of simplicity, comfort, and the powerful essence of every woman’s natural beauty, our offerings have been chosen from a personal place. Our imagery is rooted within our mutual passion for working under the sun with fibers from our earth. 

We envision conscious living as a relatable movement, and hope to promote the ease of pursuit by offering effortlessly elegant clothing, accessories, and personal care products that are good for your body and the planet.



Fabrics for future generations.


The honesty of a timeless design and the transformation of ideas into actions are the ethos of Sunroot, and gives us energy to always search for new ways to propose sustainability in an innovative way.

At first the idea was to create a simplicity-driven women's leisurewear brand that was truly sustainable. This concept quickly expanded when considering single-use plastic consumption, and the severe impact it has on our fragile environment, ocean, marine life, and personal health. 

Being more respectful with our planet is something we can only do if everyone provides their own personal effort. We like to consider Sunroot as our little piece of the big picture.

We look forward to providing high-quality alternatives for everything from wellness products to accessories, all made from our ethically sourced and sustainable raw materials. 

Join us in representing the fabrics for the future generations.